The complex offers to his clients 5 studios with the following area:
1124 m² – 2 studios, 8.5 m high
677 m² – 2 studios, 8.5 m high
824 m² – 1 studio, 8.5 m high
The studios are sound-proof and acoustically treated, with silent air-conditioning and ventilation systems, which allows continuity of filming process regardless of weather conditions outside.
The studios are built in conformity with world standards for such type of activity.
Each studio has communications linked to the rest of the complex and adjoining premises.
The studios provide for technological connection to an outside equipment.
One of the studios – Studio5 – has a water reservoir and drainage system.

Electrical supply:
Both 2x300kW autonomous supply (not generator supported) and up to 140 kW generator supported supply (UPS + generator) are available at each studio.

Depending on the specifics of the filming process aggregates with various capacities are offered at client’s request.
The continuity of electrical supply on all installations and equipment of the complex, as well as associated buildings is ensured by the means of UPS and the aggregates.

Air conditioning and ventilation
The complex has its own air-conditioning and ventilation, in all the studios, with the possibility to control each of the studios separately. Air conditioning and ventilation are supported by diesel generators.

Service premises
To go with the studios other functional premises are available at the complex: dressing rooms, offices, conference rooms, multifunctional spaces.

CAT 6 LAN office network, own telephone central, internal Cable Television Network are available at the studio complex. Internal connectivity of the complex is ensured by the high-speed optical links.