The SSC (Sofia Studios Complex)  offers its clients all the conditions required for television and film shooting, as well as advertisements and musical videos. The spaces offered are appropriate for organization of fashion shows, parties and other multimedia events. The adjoining premises of the complex provide all the necessary conditions for work and comfort of crews, guests and public participating in the production or the event. The architecture of the complex gives an opportunity to separate functionally different spaces and zones for different productions. The undeveloped area near the complex makes it possible to erect outside decors and installations, as well as to film outside. The complex makes it possible to create a closed-cycle system, from filming to post-production, 

all the way up to the end result. The complex offers the following for use: filming, post-production equipment, lighting equipment and other facilities (at a preferential price). Clients may use their own equipment, as the structure of the complex enables operation of “external” equipment – Outside Broadcast Vans, aggregates, lighting and computer systems. Adjoining premises and studio’s parking lot are available at the complex and are sufficient to accommodate any transport equipment servicing the production. “The Big Brother House”, which is functioning independently is situated at the complex premises.


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